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Contactless Menu and Ordering

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The pandemic COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the restaurant industry. Patrons may take longer to return to restaurants and rely more on food delivery and takeout services. But how can your restaurant business have a speedy recovery? For hotels, restaurants, food courts, drive through and cloud kitchens Any Belly is revolutionizing the online takeaway ordering system through complete digitization.

From table management to digital payments, we offer a true contactless ordering application for multi course dining. With your own takeaway app at hand, you can create a digital menu that can be changed as often as you want, with ease.

Features of a Food Delivery App

  1. Digital ordering from a digital menu and payment through a digital mode
  2. Real-time menu management and customer feedback
  3. Rolling out of dynamic discounts and time sensitive offers
  4. Loyalty programs on a built-in CRM
  5. Built-in table reservation management
  6. Using digital content to promote specials and sending out messages

Taking Charge

With Any Belly creating the best food delivery app for your restaurant, you are encouraging no touch payments and hygiene without touching a card reader, from the comfort of the customer’s mobile device. Your app seamlessly integrates all social media platforms bringing back your patrons as well as enticing new customers.

With our restaurant food ordering app, you can receive a greater number of orders by catering food online. We can help you switch your successful restaurant business into an even more profitable online food ordering and delivery business. You will notice the transformation of individuals visiting your app into loyal customers of your restaurant instantly!

Dominating the Food Market

Are your dishes hot but business not? Don’t worry! Any Belly will help you in building a fully functional online ordering app without any coding skills. Your white label food delivery app will ensure a personalized customer experience, once we create a food ordering platform with your own brand logo and images.

The entire app can be customized as per your personal business needs. The flexibility to design the app as per the business owner or user’s preferences adds more appeal and a greater number of customers attracted to your app. You will be taking unlimited orders within seconds of your app creation, which will only accelerate your success in the market.

Branded Customer Ordering

With your own takeaway app, you can manage all your transactions and orders under a centralized dashboard wherein you can monitor and measure performance metrics and analytics too. Your customer will get the best features of filter and search for online ordering in a hassle-free way or for better growth of your business, you can connect with multiple merchants and sync them with your app as well.

The app will also allow the customers to keep a track of their order, while they get updated on its status through an integrated delivery management system. Any Belly’s mission is to engineer and maximize return on investments on your food delivery business by delivering mobility solutions to modern entrepreneurs.

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